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queen's ears

100 Things - Halloween weekend sewings

Posted on Oct 20, 2014 at 8:55 pm
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Sho much sewings this weekend, OMG.

First, I started working on the pleather hoodie I'd cut out ... sometime earlier. I don't remember now.

Here is how much extra fabric I added to the usual hoodie pattern:

So... a lot. That's the original pattern piece that makes up one side of the open front, plus extra along the front so it would waterfall a bit, and more on the bottom for length. I ended up hacking off a foot from the bottom b/c it was too long, and thus a bit frumpy looking.

And then I added bell sleeves, traced from a different sleeve pattern but I kept it matched to the top of the original to make sure the sleeves fit. or at least made sure the sleeves didn't fit worse :-P


Still not sure I like it. Its still a bit frumpy, and the hood is a bit mucked up on the right side b/c the machine choked on it.

Actually, that was a big problem with this fabric. Its fine with the 'sueded' side against the plate, its OK to have one layer with the pleather side against the plate, but two layers + pleather against the plate = no move. No amount of dial-adjusting would help. So I wasn't able to add the pockets I wanted, and had to add extra fabric to cover the shoulder seams when doing the sleeves. Which also look kinda yuck at the shoulders, but that's normal. No hems for the same reason, but the fabric doesn't seem to want to fray, maybe b/c of the coating that makes it pleather? The hood doesn't drape right. I might add some painted details, not sure, maybe in silver or red.

My feeling is that it looks like a bad rain slicker, but I'll see how I feel after the sewing crazies wear off. Here I'm wearing it with normal clothes instead of its intended mates to make it a bit clearer in the photo. Its going to be part of my Accord costume for Gothmas.

Next I moved on to finally using some old stash lace, more orphaned table dressings from my vending days, to make a dress. Well, an over-dress, and I already have a slip from a similar store-bought dress to go under it. I used Butterick 4827, but without interfacing, facings, or the back lacing bits. I figured lace is the ultimate woven/knit and I'd be able to pull it over my head. I was right, yay! Also shortened it a bit in the back b/c I didn't need a train for the look I wanted. I certainly didn't have enough fabric for the whole proper pattern, and the lace kept changing its width as I was measuring it. Everything still came out OK.

I added bell sleeves from B4989, same as with the hoodie. Esp as the two pieces are meant to be worn together. Tho I cut further down the length of lace, this was all I had left after cutting out the body so I figured why not use as much as possible.

Cutting out the lace was easy once I gave up on the grainline, but pinning it was tricky. At first I wasn't sure I would even be able to pin it, but I figured it out. Sewed the seams with a straight stitch, lower thread tension and higher foot pressure. Realized the seems would look kinda rough since the dress is see-thru, and they'd probably unravel, so I folded each seam entirely to one side and then stitched over it with zigzag. So now flaw looks like feature, w00t.

Almost finished, just need to hem skirt and sleeves. And fold the neckline down one more time and zigzag over it I think. I just sewed some twill tape to it and folded it down, but the tape is not quite flexible enough to really go with the lace. Will tinker with it some more. to attach the sleeves, I attached back and front at the shoulders, added the sleeves, and then sewed up the bottom hem of sleeves and dress sides. I think that made it much easier considering my fabric choice.

Here's now it looks over a contrasting color. I made it for Accord, but if I make/buy a bright blue slip it can also work for Requiem. Yay for multitasking costumes. Not to mention, nice and light for summer cons and goth clubs (if I can ever manage that again, sigh).

That was all Saturday night, decided not to start the next piece until Sunday afternoon so I could sleep and recuperate. B/c I wanted to turn my b'day silk and silk/rayon velvet pieces into a thing, and I didn't want to screw it up.

Found a written tutorial for a kind of almost-kimono inspired coat, and then just sorta improvised. Its more or less a series of rectangles sewn together. This is all the velvet rectangles cut and laid out, tho obv I didn't have enough room to spread them completely. One for the back, two for the front, two for the sleeves.

First I sewed the shoulders with the intended collar pinned down to get the fit. Tho its really more hem than a proper collar. So once the body was one long rectangle, I sewed the sleeve rectangles to the sides. Then sewed the sleeves closed, then the sides of the body. Much hemming to follow.


Front, open

Front, kinda closed, not sure if I want to add a closure tho.

Back. Sho much velvet, OMG. The greenish is the rayon/silk, the blue sleeves are just silk.

So overall, a vintage style kinda-kimono coat. I'm not sure why they call them kimonos tho, they're more like caftans. *shrugs* Not quite her color, but will be wearing it for Marguerite/Requiem b/c soft and cuddly. Maybe also Wits End, or maybe not so its clean for game. Cutting it, and then seeing a lot of threads get pulled while sewing was very bad for my bloodpressure, but its finished now. Its kinda bulky, and definitely not figure flattering, but I wanted to use as much of the velvet in one go as possible. I don't care about being fat as long as I'm covered in silk velvet :-P

Did one more little thing as my brain was slowly melting from all the strain. Got some pleather (matte black lame knit) from an older project (Nav's pants) and made some fingerless gloves. Not thumbless tho. Interesting pattern, very quick, I think I will use this on a lot more scraps in the future. Not to mention, more gloves at work = yay b/c the heat won't work all winter :-P

I hemmed one properly, around arm and finger holes, but ... just kinda gave up on the second. This material really doesn't need to be hemmed, at least not yet. Again, the weird coating saves me some trouble. I'm also going to make a t-shirt from the rest of these leftovers, yay.

And here's the complete outfit for Accord on 11/1:

Dress, hoodie, and gloves. Yaaaay stuff.

Didn't realize as I was planning in my head how much I'd look like a Nazgul. That's not a bad Gothmass costume for a Bone Shadow, tho. Lol.

I also have pics of the ongoing pleather backpack project, but I'll post all of those when its finished. Which still may not be for a while b/c its an annoying project :-P

So, the new total of Things:

Sewing projects: 4
... And that's it.

That's kinda far from where I wanted to be. Oh well.
<3 Chrysilla

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