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queen's ears

Stash-busting continues in earnest.

Posted on Feb 5, 2015 at 5:10 pm
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Hooray, it is time to distract myself from awfulness with much pictures of my accomplishments.

It turns out I finished 11 sewing projects in January, so that's awesome. Mostly smaller projects tho, I followed the example of the 'debt snowball method' and got a bunch of small stuff out of the way to clear away the stash. And with mostly familiar patterns, and knits, so also quicker projects.

Ironically, I'd lapsed on keeping up with my feedly blogs, and there was a goth-homemaker blog where I could have shared that in-theme-ly last month. Whups. But I would have posted them here anyway :-)

I'm wearing the new pleather leggings in almost all of these pics, but sadly not much of the shinyness comes thru in this lighting. *shrugs* M6173 C, although the new batch of pleather was less soft and stretchy than the last batch of the allegedly same product. They do well enough tho, and the pattern is super easy. Just two pieces, one for each leg, done. They're a little low cut, tho, will add at least a couple inches to the waistline next time.

B5215 C, the top was pretty obviously made with leftovers from other projects. Didn't really bother heming it b/c I was running out of black thread, but I think it'll be OK. This looser version of the tshirt pattern also works better with this less stretchy green knit than other fabrics I've tried. Tho also, the sleeves are different fabric b/c remnants. *shrugs*

Used more of the hieroglyph fabric to make the 'A' version of B5215 which is a fitted tshirt, this fabric works much better that way. Also lengthened it so it would cover enough, but I think I made it too long. *shrugs* Although, selfies in skin tight clothing is how other ppl celebrate losing 18 lbs in a year, right?

This is B4989 B again, previously done well with linen, and as it turns out works well with light flannel too. This is a nice, dark red/black woven fabric. I'm picky about reds. Very comfy too.

And B4989 B again! Could not resist a teal/black combo fabric. Sho comfy, I like flannel now.

V8951 A, this is the same patten I use for all my hoodies, only made closed in the front like the instructions *actually* suggest. Not enough for a hood, sadly and I felt the facings were pointless with see-thru open weave knit. The fabric seemed to stretch and shrink in weird ways since I bought it in summer. But I've been pinning so many pics of see-thru knit tunics, finally broke down and made my own. This one is obv layered over a tank top.

...And the reason I made pleather leggings- can finally wear my buckly boots to game and not wear them *under* the wide-legged pleather pants. W00t! And good for larp costuming, will try to get a better pic at game this weekend if I can.

Same hieroglyph tshirt as before, the skirt is V8749 B again, but this time with corduroy instead of linen. The last time I used a heavier fabric I made a ton of mistakes, from cutting out the fabric to putting it together, and I couldn't even add the pockets. Fixed all the mistakes thanx to the long line of linen skirts, so this one came out way better. A bit snug in the waist, but not too bad, so haven't added the hook over the zipper yet. This is the same corduroy I used for the work-jacket, should wear this to the office and see how the pieces go together.

And the epic adventure in bag making, which has apparently super-impressed my therapist:

Yay! Pleather backpack! Made from an online tutorial that was not for pleather, so that needed tweaking. Plus a few other tweaks, like putting the pocket in teh *back* because I like it there (city living). Harvested teh strap-sliders and zipper off my old canvas backpack, and put in the grommets myself. Could use better than a shoelace to tie it up, tho.

Next in the hopper- turning a lot of leftover linen (b/c the linen store only sells whole yards unless its a remnant) into a variety of the tank top blouses that I like. Though I've had to add an inch to the bottom of the bodice, otherwise its just too low cut. And nip in the sides a bit. But it works really nicely in linen so far. Tried doing the regular fabric-tubes for the straps on a red one, but gave up and luckily found ribbon instead. But then I heard of another technique for that which I should try. I could really use another knit cardigan, and/or longsleeved tshirt in more than one leftover color, but those are new patterns I haven't tried yet.

Also debating whether I should start making lots of drawstring bags, of varying degrees of complexity, to get thru my remnants and scraps. Or just toss the scraps, and any remnants I don't actually like. I could quilt, but that just opens a door to buy MOAR STUFF later, and there's such a wide variety of fabric weights that I'm not sure it would work out. But there's a lot of remnants I sortof inherited, and am unlikely to ever use, so why not toss them?

I've been researching jacket tailoring, to figure out how to stop screwing up collars and jackets, before I start a muslin for the blazer I keep trying to perfect. Might have to just start sewing sleeves by hand, but I'm not sure which would be more annoying. Debating whether or not to donate the collection of old jeans, b/c when would I actually wear a denim blazer? Why recycle when I can just donate to the bin in my basement?

<3 Chrysilla

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