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Level one diagnostic continues...

Been calling it a "Level One Diagnostic" instead of a "Diet" b/c its more fun that way. And I have taken several foods offline to systematically study my reactions to later. Unless my food-allergy test on Friday pinpoints things to avoid in a more accurate manner.

I haven't been having very many food cravings, and in my case being too tired to go get whatever it is that I shouldn't eat is working to my advantage. I'm having more trouble finding foods that don't contain wheat and/or soy as fillers. I don't eat much processed food at all now, actually, unless I process it myself. I haven't used my food processor this much in a long time, wow. Its too bad my oven is still broken.

The first week was ... weird. Y'know how a person can feel sluggish before eating, perk up after eating, and then be sluggish again? I had that, but not connected to eating. My energy levels seemed to peak and ebb randomly and on their own. Sometimes I felt better than usual, sometimes worse. Metabolic see-saw? But I wasn't having any stomach problems, so that was a hopeful change. Also had a lot of headaches, either due to calorie deficit or caffiene withdrawl (no more chocolate, no more caffiene for me).

The second week was better. The see-saw quit, and I felt either normal-ick or slightly better than normal. Some of my tummy problems came back, but that may have been due to something in my fridge that went bad (and I accidentally made with wheat flour anyway, so whups). If I started to feel like I was crashing, I took a ginseng tablet or tea to try and keep it together, and that seemed to help a bit.

Checked my fiber intake on my daily calorie counter, and I typically get 30-40g, which is a lot. Possibly too much. Another possible cause of stomach problems. Also noticed I'm usually OK on protein (by a range decided by a computer program, *shrugs*) but high on fat and low on carbs. And low on calories some days (but high on fat? whut?). I've been working on tweaking all of that, but without eating super processed wheat and sugar, most of my carbohydrates come from veggies and whole grains which include decent amounts of fiber.

My initial plan was to start checking my reactions to food this weekend, and I had some cheese, and nothing bad seemed to happen to me. Tho I was already feeling pretty sluggish and unwilling to leave the house, until the obsessive sewing started. And then Sunday was all about grocery shopping and food cooking (I made borcsht! Sortof.) and yet I forgot to eat most of it. So calorie deficit leading into Monday. I had a regular 1800 calorie day for Monday, but I wonder if Sunday's deficit is why I've felt so exhausted today? Even ginseng hasn't helped.

Looking over all the possible things I may have, from hypothyroidsm that falls just under the radar to adrenal fatigue to hormonal imbalance, I think I'm changing my L1D plans. I'm going to stick to it for the rest of December at least (except for Xmas, tho that may turn out to be a learning experience). As far as I can tell I *am* still getting the nutrients I need (and maybe a bit too much fiber), and my recommended calories, just from different foods. And even if I'm just being a hypochondriac, I don't think my life will be too terrible if I don't eat super processed flour and sugar. If it is adrenal fatigue, it could take months for the brain-fog to lift, and years to full recovery :-/

Today I also started taking coconut oil supplements (I would cook with it, but my friend is super allergic) and licorice supplements. Supposedly the former helps with thyroid and the later with hormone imbalance, and both are good for the immune system. I've seen stuff about taking supplements made with the adrenal or thyroid glands of animals, but it looks like that can have very uncomfortable side effects. Lemme try the plants first.

I also see my doctor on Wednesday for a follow up, but I can't say I have all that much faith. I'm hoping for blood tests, and none of that patronizing "well maybe it is just emotional problems" b.s. Or maybe I should find a new doctor?

Actually, at therapy yesterday I realized how super guilty I feel about letting parts of my social life fall away. But really, I can't think of anyone I actually like hanging out with that would give me a hard time for feeling too ill to attend their shows/bookparties/regularparties/etc. Still feel guilty about dropping the Etsy ball again, but at least I'm making some progress on new shinies. And last week I mailed a giant order, on time, w00t. The sewing still takes so f'ing loooong. Maybe I should reframe my expectations. In a few months I'll be better, with a fantastic collection of new clothes, and enough jewelry for Wicked and SWF that may or may not make it to the Etsy shop. Or perhaps I should make a firm decision, no new internet bizness until [insert month here].

And then there's sorcery. I'm probably going to work on this:

If I have the energy. But the L1D is the first step anyway, so I'm already on the path right? I've wanted to mix more magick actually *into* my jewelry work, and my personal sewing projects (I will never sew for $$, eeeeek). And I think I may have inspired the line "You'll keep sewing yourself into who you'll want to be..." ;-)

<3 Chrysilla

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