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queen's ears

Sewing Selfies!

Posted on Sep 15, 2014 at 7:16 pm
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So yah, sewing kept happening if nothing else. I had given up on ever being able to make anything look not-costumey, but I think I finally figured out how to do daily-wear thanks to a couple patterns in particular (and then bought tons of knits & linen, oops). Also, made a bunch of larp clothes, and clothes that can be worn for either. I don't borrow "Marguerite's" clothes, she borrows mine :-)

Here are some examples of what I've been working on, the the full Sewing Selfies album is here on Flickr.

Sorry in advance, but I don't take sewing commissions. I might be getting back into the jewelry-for-other-ppl biz (despite other ppl being jerks when I quit) but sewing is just for me. But if you ever like pattern/fabric/etc I'm more than happy to share that info so you can take it to a proper seamstress. If familiar friends want to stop by and use my sewing machine for a little while, that's OK too.

These are the same shirt (B5215 B size 18) and skirt (V8749 b sz 22) patterns in different fabrics. I ordered the hieroglyphs, but the leopard print was left over from something else. I'm not very good at doing tshirt collars tho, will work on it. Or just leave the collars unfinished depending on the fabric. The skirts are both linen from fabrics-store.com, which has too many sales on colors I like. I've made so many of these skirts this summer, and one out of leftover velveteen that worked OK, so I'm ordering corduroy to make two more for the colder weather. Its a bit vintage reminiscent without all the annoying vintage-sewing baggage.

Larp costumes!

My wolfie :-) (Tho technnically not a selfie, whups.) I made the netted hoodie, pleather pants, and jewelry (of course). I've actually made TONS of hoodies with this pattern, lots of different colors, b/c hoodies are the best thing evar. How have I not been wearing them my whole life? This costume is more or less finished, except there are always more gothy outfits to tempt me. She might get oddly fancy for the 11/1 game b/c it'll be GothMass.

This is my Summer Court Draconic Changeling. The red linen jacket is V4688, and I left off the closures b/c it looks best with my old leather waist cincher. This costume has some more hair and makeup experiments ahead, plus jewelry.

Another larp costume, b/c a courtesan can't go to Saratoga Springs (irl it was albany) in an old dress. This is a frankenpattern: the tshirt pattern from previous pictures + the skirt of another dress + sewing an extra rectangle of fabric into the shoulder seams to make an attatched cape. I was very frustrated with the vintage reprint pattern I tried for a very different looking dress, so I made this out of stretch velvet instead, based on a pic of a 1930s dress I have on pinterest. There are always things I'd do differently now, but it turned out well enough for NERE :-)

Finally finished the DoomCoat, after having the fabric for ... over a year? Eeek. V8346 C, sz 18, 7 yards of black velveteen used when the pattern told me to get 10 yards -_-. Brought up the waist by about 1.5 inches and it fits my back perfectly. This fall I'm going to make two more of the shortest pattern version in corduroy, b/c it fits so well, I suspect the skirt is 3/4 or more circle. And I'll wear them at work b/c they still haven't fixed the heating :-P

This blue linen dress is V2902, a Vintage Vogue reprint pattern, again with the waist adjustment, and I think it could use some bust adjustments too. Its such a wonderfully simple pattern, tho I had to hand-sew on the black trim. And very comfy b/c linen. I have a dark violet linen to make a second one, but I'm not sure if I'd rather just have a skirt instead. And I have some black stretch lace I might try to make into a crinoline.

<3 Chrysilla

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