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queen's ears

New habits, old rags.

Posted on Sep 19, 2014 at 11:44 am
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Starting the Strattera at 18mg today,for ten days before I increase the dose. After about 30 minutes I was already feeling a bit buzzed, warm and tingly. By the first hour I felt very energetic and way less foggy, but not really *focused*. It think I'm getting used to it now, I'm a bit queasy but that's a normal pre-lunch thing for me anyway.

If I were at home, I think I'd at least have the energy to do Saturday's todo list, but I'll have to see this afternoon if I can actually "get'er done" on this. Also not sure what happens when I run out of spoons on this, will I miss the signal and crash out? Feel extra gross the next day? Do I magically have more spoons to begin with?

So far it feels more like I have standard ADHD instead of my weird chronic fatigue version. But friends and my psychiatrist explained the whole "speed up to slow down" idea of ADHD meds (or tried to, I still don't really get it), so will have to see what happens when I increase the dosage. Definitely feels like a stimulant, but it's actually an uptake-blocker, so I guess its giving me more of my natural stimulants to work with?

And since my pinkie toe is still numb, and my sinuses are still "Ugh, ragweed!!" there's a lot of other stuff going on in my body right now :-P At least my back feels a bit better.

Ordered more fabric for future projects last nite b/c it was on sale again. The super soft pleather. B/c fabric.com is stalking me. Meh. But of the samples I got for the Regency coat, the cheapest turned out to be the best color match and that isn't on sale. So Ima put that off until November since I don't need it until Arisia. I will be borrowing from two months of future budgets and I feel like a dummie for it.

Looking over my spreadsheet, I have 29 projects in the hopper from purchased materials, leftovers, and refashions. And I'm probably forgetting a few :-P. Trying to figure out if I want to set a date when I can start getting fabric again (Arisia? Ostara?) or if I want to set a project goal, finish X projects and I can buy fabric again.

Or maybe whichever of the two comes first? Stash space was already really tight actually. After putting the stash away in the second dresser, I still had a basket full of new/leftovers projects, and I don't want to have that anymore :-P And as I work with the new stuff, I'll have more leftovers and thus more projects. I think "finish all the projects" is the best way to go for now. Tho I'll still have to deal with the binging problem when/if I do finish them.

It would be really nice to have more pacing and self control for fabric shopping. When I learned more discipline for other fripperies (BPAL, beads) I was already on a no-fabric diet for 6 months, so I didn't figure out how to make that one work. Ideally, I could order fabric for 1 or 2 projects a month and be OK, once I get thru the backlog. That would have happened this fall but the sales screwed me up. Meh. And linen doesn't say 'cold weather' to me, and the linen store's emails go right into my spam folder, so at least that temptation has settled down. And I'm way more discerning about pattern shopping now, so that hasn't crashed the budget recently.

For the last few weeks I've ended work and/or come home for the evening and just been "No. don't want to do things. Nope. Ima space out on youtube now." I hope that's only temporary (RAGWEEEEED!!!), or the meds help a bit, otherwise I'll only have weekends for sewing. And sometimes I like going *out* on those.

On the upside, I didn't really *see* the problem as clearly until I started keeping a projects/costs spreadsheet. Yay for nerdiness :-)

Y'know, summer is historically a terrible time for my budget, and not just because DCon (and even less so, now that I know how to budget and save ahead for that trip). This year I noticed a lot of "I feel cruddy, so Ima make a bad (or imperfect) purchase decision." I'm thinking of doing a Buy Nothing Summer next year to see if I can. I can spend $$ on going out and doing stuff, and groceries/rx, but not on things that can become pointless physical clutter.

That could backfire, as I make a longer and longer shopping list over teh summer and then go crazy in September. Or I spend a ton around my b'day to stock up on some stuff before the dry spell. And then there's "I'd like to take this jewelry commission, but I'm all out of crimp beads." I've got nine months to figure it out.

On that note, it would also be nice to have a regular extra chores/cleaning day so I don't have to do all of it all at once some ill-fated weekend and f#$% up my back and leg muscles. :-P

Weekend's plans: regular chores, clean the bathroom, *maybe* swiffer and mop the other floors too. Take Discardia claims to the post office, and put the rest downstairs. Then I have a dress and a backpack to make (I wonder if the one-side shoulderbag is contributing to the nerve pinch making my toe numb?). My parents are coming in on Sunday for Dad's b'day, and then a friend is stopping by later to get more Discardia stuff. I should do laundry, b/c I'll be busy for the next three weekends. Or I could take a chance and push it off for a weeknight? The laundry rack and sewing table don't fit together in the space.

Today I have to stop by the bank with a lot of coin rolls. Last night I put those together out of purchase guilt, but as it turns out they almost cover last night's fabric purchase, so yay for that. Less credit card panic.

Next week I think there's an IAF meetup, yay. Other than that, probably not going out much, b/c I'd like this toe situation fixed before I go to Boston on Friday for the weekend of gaming and geekery.

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