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queen's ears

Everything counts in large amounts?

Posted on Feb 2, 2015 at 5:01 pm
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Was trying to get back into the once-a-week habit, but to be honest nothing much has happened since Arisia, b/c I've continued to be super burnt out.

I did check out the BrainSync website, and bought a $10 mp3 of ocean noises + supposed subliminal delta-wave inducing sounds. Its ... interesting. I'm not sure if I'm doing better, but I'm doing different. Last week I did two school-nights with followed by two without, and the mornings after going without I was a lot more groggy and brainfogged, almost falling asleep on the train or at the circ desk.

Less so now, but when I started with the sleep-waves I was still waking up a few times a night. But on a normal night, I wake up, go "Oh, I just woke up from being asleep" and typically go back to sleep. With the sleep-waves on, the experience is more like "I'm awake? Was I asleep or was I awake the whole time? Why can I hear the ocean?" My dreams also continue to be intense. Ima try to do this every night this week, tho, and see what happens. I don't need to leave it on super loud, just loud enough to hear over my humidifier fan.

Saw my new internist/pcp last week, and he gave me referrals to another sleep specialist (and not the jerky one :-P), and an audiologist in case I want to get custom fit earplugs for sleep. Tho he also suggested Quress earplugs which will at least cost less than custom fit, and now that I'm using sleep cds those might be counter productive. *shrugs* So far the sleep-waves + humidifier fan do a good job of blocking out most noises from upstairs.

Work drastically changed my schedule with two work-days of advanced notice. I knew my schedule would change somewhat due to a co-worker leaving, so we'll be understaffed from weeks to months, but ... yikes. There are silver linings to working 10-6 everyday (same sleep time every night, easier to go out after work, later bedtime), but the enormous downside is no longer working 1:30-9:30 pm on Monday.

I either have to reschedule the therapy session I've had for 7 years, or ask if I can take my lunch a bit early so I can go on my break, but my supervisor is dragging his feet about it b/c that would mean he has to watch the circ desk for a whole hour (oh noes :-P). Things are still being negotiated, but new-supervisor is far less understanding of health issues in general than old-supervisor, and it really sucks. Not to mention, no longer having Monday morning to schedule other random doctor appointments so I don't have to use vacation time.

What do people even do on Monday evenings? I've been working them for at least 7 years, I don't remember.

Cut a good swath thru my fabric stash by working on easier, familiar patterns with knits which don't need ironing. Will probably put those in a separate post. That was last weekend, plus the snow day we had Tuesday (I cut out extra projects just in case on Sunday). This weekend I mostly-successfully tweaked my favorite tank-top blouse pattern, in red linen, but the zipper/back was a bit wonky so I'll fix it before photographing. Overall I think I finished 11 projects in January. Smaller ones, but I think the snowball effect will work well here.

I don't want to buy new fabric until my b'day :-/ I have a couple projects for which I'm keeping an eye on the linen store sales, but I think my wallet will be safe for a while. My Requiem character always seems to need new dresses but I think I can resist for a while. But I wanna spend my $$ on BPAL for the next couple months, b/c the Lupers are available until early April. And I still haven't figured out how to budget my fabric cravings like I do with bpal. Tho hopefully the full closet and dressers help :-P

As for new costumes, probably for DCon, I have an idea for a Steampunk Delenn that's the Regency pattern in grey linen + a big cowly hood instead of the annoying ruffle. Maybe a liquid silver (knit?) for the under-dress. I'd also like to do Promethea's red costume from the comics. I just like it better than the white one, and it would also be less annoying to make/wear. Also would probably be more appropriate in linen than spandex, but that's Alan Moore for u. The 'tapestries' costume still looms in my imagination, but I just don't think I have the energy or $$ to make that really awesome. Same with the Washu costume.

Still working on stash-busting until my whole stash fits in the credenza, so smaller, familiar projects will probably continue to be the norm. The first plan was to complete 25 projects since September, but I've already hit 20 and space is still a problem (smaller projects use smaller bits of fabric, clearing less space) so I've increased it to 35. Although, today I had the idea to work until it fits in the credenza with one drawer left empty. Will see how this goes.

There's still a lot of remnants that (seem?) too small to use, so I'm figuring that out. Knits may get turned into more arm-warmers for work, or maybe multi-fabric tshirts that will only be worn at home. I've seen a patchwork, hippie type long skirt tutorial for wovens, or I could just make dozens of little drawstring bags. Or little fabric roses. I draw the line at actual quilting, that will just lead me to buy more fabric and other paraphernalia. And the crocheted sewing basket idea is now obsolete as I've found an old plastic bucket from college that works perfectly for holding my gear.

People I know have put out all-calls for fabric scraps that they can use in mixed media art, so I might follow up on a few of those if they are willing to pay s/h. But ... ppl are flaky. Maybe I should just throw all my scraps away b/c they're annoying. *ponders* I am getting better at throwing away scraps that are too small to work with, but next weekend I might go thru all my remnants and either match them with projects or toss them. Fabric audit!

I do need to buy more thread for a few things, esp black thread, but I have enough left on my XMas gift cards to get some. Without going to an actual fabric store, yaaaay.

This upcoming weekend is MES larping, so Ima start my 'just two games' experiment to see if I get less hungover. Saturday afternoon and evening games for this weekend, but most months it will probably be the Friday and Saturday nite games. Spoon conservation, availability of IRC games, trips to Boston, and other factors involved in this idea.

Other than that ... no real plans. NYRSF is tomorrow, and since I'm not closing tonight I might be well rested enough to go. On the other hand, the city streets are clogged with snow and ridiculous slush puddles, and today I might have to ice skate home if nobody tries to fix that. I guess ppl were too sports-focused this weekend to freak out about the snowstorm, so I wasn't really prepared for this today. Not as bad as it could be, tho.

Acupressure keeps working. *shrugs* Got the recommended book, we'll see what else it can help with. The Reiki book was nonsense tho.

Tonight I do really need to wash the laundry, couldn't Sunday nite b/c I had a stomach problem that stopped me from sleeping well on Saturday nite. I hope the commute doesn't drain me past the point of ability. And with the laundry rack out, I can't cut out more sewing projects, so maybe if I'm home I can work on some housekeeping instead. The "Completely In/Active" resolution isn't going 100%, but I'm still working on it.

Got my BPAL Halloweenies in the mail today, so at least I can play with those tonite whether or not I'm functional. A friend stopped by over the weekend with a Yule she didn't like, but I did and bought it off her. That leaves only one Yule that I want to order, which I could also do tonight. And another LE, but its currently out of stock while the line doesn't go down until the 5th. I could order imps if I'm only getting one bottle, but I also like the idea of NOT doing that and spending less $$. Other ppl like having them for the season, but I find waiting for other ppl to review them saves me $$. Yaaay.

Weekend after next, probably taxes. B/c I <3 $$ more than boys right now (2/14), and I feel no shame for it. Wheeeee! Also probably more sewing and scrap-sorting.

<3 Chrysilla

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the Sasha
a4yroldfaerie at 2015-02-03 08:53 (UTC) (Link)
I might be interested in scraps depending on size and fabric? I'm working on going to (almost) all cleaning cloths instead of paper towels and Clorox wipes. You could also donate to Materials for the Aets, and if you come to craft night you can usually leave stuff with Stellafor her to bring (although of course check with her first)
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